This caused a rift in the growth timeline for the flesh, kind of like teaching a child about sex to early, it will overwhelm them with confusion and curiosity and with out balance ignorance will run free until disciplined.

Apocrypha 2 Esdars 3:21-22

For the first Adam bearing a wicked heart transgressed, and was overcome; and so be all they that are born of him.

Thus infirmity was made permanent; and the law (also in the heart of the people with the malignity of the root; so that the good departed away, and the evil abode still.

Apocrypha 2 Esdars 4:29-31

If therefore that which is sown be not turned upside down, and if the place where the evil is sown pass not away, then cannot it come that is sown with good.

For the grain of evil seed hath been sown in the heart of Adam from the beginning, and how much ungodliness hath it brought up unto this time? and how much shall it yet bring forth until the time of threshing come?

Ponder now by thyself, how great fruit of wickedness the grain of evil seed hath brought forth.

This is the begining of how evil, negative, lust etc begain. This is what we have to face today from our youth, this the battle that all flesh which houses the enteral soul must face and come to terms with in regards to which path to choose and it starts with you.

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